NexGen - Your Blockchain Partner
Explore the potential of blockchain development to revolutionize your business processes.

NexGen Communication, a pioneering blockchain development company, provides enterprise-grade blockchain solutions as the cornerstone of digital transformations.

Make Financial Services More Accessible

Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud computing, and big data are regarded as the "ABCD" (four key areas) of FinTech

Internet Of Things
Harnessing the power of your data to drive faster business decisions

We partner with our clients in identifying opportunities to build and integrate an efficient digital infrastructure that can help them access precious data in real-time.

WordPress Development Services
From ideation to implementation – We provide comprehensive WordPress development services.

Whether you require a completely new website for your business or wish to revamp your existing one, our developers have the requisite experience and expertise to bring your vision to reality.

Cloud eCommerce
e-Commerce Cloud
All-In-One e-Commerce Platform

Get more than e-commerce software with tools to manage every part of your business.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Services
Winning edge from the top Online Marketing Agency in London!

Get comprehensive solutions and expert guidance on Search Engine Optimization, PPC Campaigns, Social Media, and other digital marketing campaigns based on your business objectives.

Digital Transformation
Accelerate your Digital Transformation
journey to drive unprecedented growth

As a leading digital transformation partner, clients trust us to develop, integrate and customise end to end cloud-based solutions including ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation Tools, Web & Mobile Apps, Data, Analytics and Reporting.

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Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions Providers Building Blockchain solutions, services and products for industries such as Finance, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Real Estate; we help optimise business processes, increasing the efficiency of your organization as a whole.

Security Token Offering

Security tokens are cryptographic blockchain based tokens that represent financial assets such as bonds, notes, debentures, shares (stock), options, and warrants. Security Token Offering (STO) increase the investors’ trust and also empowers investors with financial rights such as profit sharing rights, and equity.

Blockchain Product Development

Transform your business models – regardless of your domain of operations – by leveraging the game-changing potential of Blockchain and Blockchain-based products and applications.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Enterprise Blockchains are permissioned systems where information is available and nodes are anonymous. Only the partners are a part of this network, and they have entire control over all their assets. NexGen Communication helps you with Enterprise Blockchain Development and consulting.

Smart Contracts Audit

Getting your smart contracts audited before launching a tokenized crowdfunding campaign

Stablecoin Development

Stablecoin, by being pegged to other stable assets (like the US Dollar, metals, real estate, and other cryptocurrencies), is designed to bring the required stability. These asset-based cryptocurrencies help you maintain a fixed value that is proportional to the underlying asset.

Custom Blockchain Development

Optimize different use-cases for your business using custom Blockchain products and explore the opportunity of developing a tailored made solution to suit specific requirements by dividing deep into Blockchain Technology.

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