United by eSIM

NexGen Communication is on a mission to enable exceptional digital user journeys for mobile subscribers by providing eSIM management and digital enablement solutions to mobile operators.

Digital Customer Onboarding

Create an exceptional digital customer onboarding experience for subscribers that harnesses the power of eSIM. For regulated markets, there is the option to add eKYC (Know-Your-Customer) using identity documents and biometrics.

White-Label eSIM App

Easily launch a branded app to sell eSIM plans on iOS and Android devices. Our off-the-shelf white-label eSIM app includes everything you need to create a digital experience, whether you’re launching a carrier app for your subscribers, or a marketplace app for travellers.

eSIM Subscription Manager

A Subscription Manager is mandatory for all operators to support eSIM, and the UNITE Platform brings a cloud-based, managed SM-DP+ solution to operators of all types.

eSIM Activation & Provisioning

The process of activating an eSIM can touch many back-end systems for mobile operators, creating hurdles and roadblocks along the way. Ensure a seamless eSIM activation experience with remote SIM provisioning flows and activation across connected platforms.

eSIM Distribution Channels

NexGen Communication doesn’t just manage eSIM profiles. It helps distribute your eSIM offers into retail and digital channels, reaching new audiences and markets worldwide.

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